Moonfire Music Lab presents you a new amazing track called Vert Absinthe by our newcomer Artist Roan Elia that includes the original track and two remixes that fit different dancefloors. Original mix is a very open and techy sound fit for summer parties with deep bassline and original melancholic melody, Remix by Maarka is a very strict and minimalistic afterhours sound. Finally Maxim Sunbeat & Hellen Mills remix has a dubby bass-drum and very impressive break point that accentuates the melancholic piano line

Roan Elia

Maxim Sunbeat, Hellen Mills, Maarka

Vert Absinthe

Catalog# MFM011
Release date:
Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Vert Absinthe (Original Mix)
Vert Absinthe (Maxim Sunbeat & Hellen Mills Remix)
Vert Absinthe (Maarka Remix)