Weve decided to collect some of our Bomb Tracks for the Summer Sound Compilation from our Music Lab dedicated to Summer Dancefloors from Ibiza and other grand locations. Full length House and Techno Music stories in colours by Moonfire Music Lab. All the tracks that are included in this pack have already been supported and played buy Big Guys and have rocked huge dancefloors !

Maxim Sunbeat, Suolo, ReneMartens, Maarka, Dubphone

Marius Laurentiu, Andrea Bigi, Gorbani, Maxim Sunbeat, Hellen Mills

Summer Sound Vol.1

Catalog# MFMVA001
Release date:
Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Emotiva Sona (Original Mix)
Emotiva Sona (Marius Laurentiu & Andrea Bigi Remix)
Hidrobicicleta (Gorbani Remix)
Wise Beyond Beers (Maxim Sunbeat & Hellen Mills Low Remix)
Repitajo (Original Mix)
Musica Tranquila (Original Mix)
Delorian (Original Mix)
Dimineata (Original Mix)
Honey, Darling, Bitch (Original Mix)
Haunted (Original Mix)