It's been a fantastic year and during this time we have thankfully been supported by so many great DJ's & Producers - who have not only believed in our sound - but also played our music across many dance-floors and great festivals.

After one year of releasing solid music, we are pleased to present to your ears, an amazing VA, entitled "One Year On the Moon" Part 2, which includes 11 amazing tracks to get you in that spring mood!

Leparente, Rebreanu, Max Tolmachev, Bruno Limma, Yaroslav Lenzyak, Maarka, Juekz, Golikov, Treescape, hi dub, Roan Elia, Pedro Silva

One Year On The Moon II

Catalog# MFMVA003
Release date:
Minimal / Deep Tech, House
Panorama (Original Mix)
Corbus (Original Mix)
Rothko (Original Mix)
Jhon 316 (Original Mix)
A Bit Later (Original Mix)
Molly In My Pocket (Original Mix)
When She Sayd Boremi (Original Mix)
UnVis (Original Mix)
C Me (Original Mix)
4.4.3 (Original Mix)